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DVLA Licence Check at Regular Intervals - Your First 5 Drivers are Completely Free

Drivers Licence Checks Regularly without all the Paperwork -
FREE for up to 5 Drivers - Save Time & Money

With Licence Manager you get an easy to use Drivers Licence Checking and Vehicle Management Platform, giving you a an overview of who in your company has penalty points, disqualifications and offences.

It helps your business and managers fulfill your duty of care by making sure anyone driving for your business is safe to be on the road and helps you avoid potential fines. It's a FREE tool we have developed for small businesses and companies so that if you have up to 5 staff you need to check regularly on the DVLA your saving time and money, and will get alerts by adding them to Licence Manager.

Instead of Paper Forms your Staff Get Texts and Emails to Remind them of Their Licence Checks and Penalty Points

A crucial factor in modern business is the effective management and detailing of your companies assets and staff which often include a fleet of vehicles and drivers. However, it usually requires a truck load of paperwork and time that could be spent more efficiently. With BlockCRM's Licence Manager, we cut down all of that paperwork into one simple easy to use platform - so you can automate these checks, get alerts about penaltys and points and more..

Quick Fleet Compliance with Licence Manager

Compliance while important and necessary can be time consuming and expensive as well as provide tons of unnecessary paper work. Licence Manager is here to make everything easier, by allowing you to easily and regularly licence check your staff and keep a record of the MOT history of your vehicles in one easy to use platform FREE for up to 5 drivers/vehicles so that you can get started using Licence Manager straight away. Get setup today, add your staff, add your vehicles and make running your business simple and easy.