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About Licence Manager - Driving Licence Checking Made Easy

We are BLOCKCRM and we are very proud to have made and to support our Licence Manager Service. We aim to provide a great and easy to use platform which is used by many businesses/sole traders or otherwise across the country to quickly and simply manage their vehicles and drivers.

Providing you with a great business tool for a very affordable price, we have designed our product to be of great use to any business, big or small. Also unlike many other similar services on the market we have designed the Licence Manager to be easy to pick up and use by anyone, so don't worry about struggling to pick it up you will be up and using it in no time.

We are very upfront about the cost of our product as it is FREE for any business to start using on up to 5 Staff/Vehicle and only 75p per user/vehicle after that. So you can try out our service and find out if it is for you.

We hope that you try out our platform and that it becomes a great and useful part of your enterprise.

Thank you,

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