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How Licence Manager Works - FREE for up to 5 Drivers

Below is how Licence Manager works
For Managers

Store your Drivers and Vehicles Details all in one place, no more paper work:

How To Add Staff

1. Add all Your Staff in One Place

Add all your staff/drivers to the Staff/Users section so that they are all in one place. Cutting out the need for all of that messing around with looking for each persons individual paperwork every time you need to run a driving licence check and check for any penalty points.

2. Any Staff members who use a company Vehicle Should Be Added as a Driver

All you need to do is put in the staff members Email, Telephone Number and Driving Licence Number(Can add this later if you don't have it at hand). Then from that point we automate the checking of their driving licences making it easy for you to check on the go while your running your business and get alerts about any penalties or points they may recieve.

Adding a Driver on Tablet

3. Get an in Depth look at Your Drivers Licence Record

A record is kept of your Drivers Licence checks and updates over the weeks/months/years, including how many points your drivers currently have/had and details on any disqualifications. Keeping all these details in one place also means you have an easily to audit record of these details proving that you have fulfilled your duty of care.

Checking Driver Record

4. Add Your Vehicles to Keep Check of Their MOT History/ Due Date and Tax Due Date

Just Add your Vehicles simply by Typing in their Reg and you will be able to see previous MOT Details/MOT Due Date/ Road Tax Date and you will be able to easily check your vehicles details again in the future.

Vehicle Details Page

Here is how Licence Manager works
For Staff

Driver getting a Text and Email

Your Drivers Will Receive a Text & Email

All they have to do is follow the link in the email or text, put in a few details and then their manager will instantly be able to check up on their Driving Record.
No Hassle, No Fuss, Simple and Easy.

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