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Drivers Licence Checks made Regularly

Most businesses have the use of at least one to a hundred vehicles in operation in their business at any one time. Alongside this is the crucial factor of who is driving these vehicles. With BlockCRM's License Manager System, we make keeping track of your Drivers/their Driving Records and Details quick and straightforward. Which means you can concentrate on running your business while not having to worry about the paperwork and the red tape.

Are your Drivers Safe on the Road?

According to the DVLA, their figures show that 10,000 drivers in the UK are still driving openly on the road with 12 or more points on their license. This could jeopardize your business as well as the safety of your other staff and drivers. With BlockCRM you can easily add your drivers to your account and periodically check their record to see if they have any points on their license. You can read a bit more on Penalty Points here

In a recent survey by the RAC it has been found that 18% of motorists that they asked would not let their insurance know if they have received a penalty point. From a business perspective this can prove to be an unnecessary liability and is now something that can be easily checked on a regular basis with BlockCRM'S License Manager.

You can move away from the days of making notes in a work diary to remind you to check the licenses of your drivers or the MOT of your Vehicles now Vehicle and Driver Manager is their to assist you and make the whole process simple and easy. With the easy to use portal you can access your records and check the details of a driver or vehicle on the go, where ever you are.

What are the Risks to my business?

Their are a significant number of risks to a business that have not performed adequate checks on their drivers, to name a few:

  • It is a punishable offence for a company to let an employee to drive a vehicle in their workplace without a valid license, there fore we advise driving licence checks are run regularly.
  • It is advisable to have a pre-process put in place that checks drivers licenses on a regular basis, this can be tedious, and the employer must ensure they get the permission of the staff member to perform the check or it would prove to be breach of data protection.
  • Not having a system in place to deal with these checks and organise the effective management of these details could prove to be damaging if your business were to ever face prosecution. Having an easily auditable and managed record of these things through using platforms such as BlockCRM's License Manager would prove to assist in a companies defence in such cases.
  • It's crucial that companies check all staff who may use the vehicles within their business, company cars and vans. Often these are known as grey fleet drivers so can sometimes slip under the radar, it's crucial that even if they drive once or twice they should be checked.
  • Failure to check the validity of license through the DVLA or another relevent driving licence checking service such as Licence Manager could result in damages to reputation, financial charges and legal issues.

Stop the time consuming personal checks and avoid the dangerous consequences of not checking by signing up to use BLOCKCRM's Licence Manager and start keeping track of your vehicles and drivers, all in one place, on our easy to use platform.

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