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FREE for up to 5 Drivers/Vehicles - 75p Per Driver/Vehicle After that

We are very up front about our prices, we don't hide them away anywhere. Our service is even FREE for as long as you require it if you are only adding up to 5 drivers/vehicles. After that if you decide to add more then that Licence Manager is only 75p per driver/per month and 75p per vehicle/per month not including your first 5 of either that are FREE. Their are no hidden fees, no joining fees, no exit fees, that's it. This is so that whether you have a small business, with a only a handful of vehicles or a large business, with a fleet of vehicles Licence Manager will be affordable and available to you.

What Do I get?

If you add a driver then you will get a whole host of things:

  • You will have access to Licence Manager which you access by logging in through the BLOCKCRM Portal.
  • There you will be able to add your driver or drivers as you prefer, as many as you want. All you need to include is their Email/Telephone and their Unique Drivers Licence Number that is 16 characters long and will start with the first 5 characters of the staff members surname (to spot you can check here)
  • We Automatically contact your drivers to get the latest copy of their licence for you to see straight away.
  • You will see a historical log of Licence check requests so which will be easily auditable in the future and show's your business has maintained it's duty of care.
  • The most recent DVLA Licence Checked copy of your drivers record is stored for you to easily view, and you can set an automatic check for everything from 4 weeks to 52 weeks.

If you add a vehicle you will be able to:

  • Keep a Detailed Record of The Vehicles Spec and Details including Vin and the vehicles usual driver
  • Set the Due Date for Your Vehicles Tax and MOT so that you never risk forgetting
  • You can also see and set a detailed list of your MOT History over the years.

So what are you waiting for Get Started using Licence Manager today

Only 75p per driver/per vehicle

Start Licence Checking Your Drivers FREE Today

FREE for up to 5 Drivers/Vehicles